• Why Taiwan?

    Travel and Pre-wedding Photos at Once!

    Taiwan, the Island of Formosa, is home to a rich culture and many breathtaking natural sceneries. By taking your pre-wedding photos in Taiwan, you will not only bring back beautiful and professional quality pre-wedding photos, but also an unforgettable experience of your travels in Taiwan. Oh, and did we mention the delicious Taiwan food, snacks, and night markets?


    Easy Communications (to Truly Understand what You Want!)

    Communications are super important for the planning and the execution of pre-wedding photos, for your service crew to fully comprehend what you like or recommend other styles and directions suitable for you. We speak Mandarin Chinese and Taiwanese (Hokkien) in Taiwan, which many use on a daily basis. English service can also be provided upon advanced request. If all else fails, we are also fluent in the universal Body Language!and did we mention the delicious Taiwan food, snacks, and night markets?

  • Why Taichung?

    Closer to Sceneries

    La Fatté is located in Taichung, the biggest city in the central region of Taiwan. This is considered advantageous due to the close proximity to many natural or architectural sceneries, since we’re right in the middle of this island! This means less travel time between shooting locations, and less travel time equals more shooting time!


    More Sunshine

    Good sunlight is crucial in outdoor photography, and the weather in Central Taiwan is generally more stable than in Taipei or other cities in Northern Taiwan. Less rainy and overcast days, better light and better mood!

  • Why La Fatté?

    Reputable & High Quality

    La Fatté is well-known in Taichung for its attentive service, professionalism, and beautiful dresses. You can expect the same high quality service and productions for your pre-wedding photos in Taiwan!


    Tons of Experience with Foreign Clients

    Not only are most of our staff seasoned pros and veterans, we have also served more than 2,000 couples coming from Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, and many others! Special procedures and scheduling that are condensed, but with maintained attention to details, have also been developed specifically for foreign clients.



  • How many days do I need to stay in Taichung for the photo-shoot?
    Typically 3-5 days for all the procedures that require your physical presence in Taichung. If your desired shooting location is distant and requires more travel time, then the overall stay might be lengthened.
  • How long does the production of the albums and frames take? Will I get them in time for my wedding?
    After the completion of your photo-shoot in Taiwan, it takes on average 90 days before we ship the finished products to your door. If your big day is closer than 90 days, please contact us and have us evaluate if a rush order would be possible.
  • Is there a recommended time of year I should visit?
    There are themes and locations suitable for pre-wedding photography throughout different months of the year in Taiwan, while some others are available all year round, so it really depends on what you’d like to shoot! Contact us and we’ll figure out when the best time would be for you!
  • Is there a limit on how many locations I can shoot at?
    Most people reserve one whole day for their photo-shoot, so while there isn’t a hard limit on the amount of shooting locations per se, there is a realistic limit to how many places can be reached within a single day, while spending enough time at each locations for quality photography. An additional day of shooting can be arrange at additional costs.